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*includes screen reader friendly version for visually impaired folx*

Since Grippli have officially been released by Paizo in the Mwangi Expanse book, I've decided to make our version of the Grippli free! I hope if you find our version fun you'll let us know on Twitter @EldritchDream 

Grippli are a spiritual and family oriented folk, including the families they find. Spirits and insects answer their call. Will you play a poisonous Toskin, the transparent Glasslen, climb high as a Treewalker, scour watery depths as a Skelka, fight with the ferocity of the Needlspine, or wander the deserts as a Sandlands grippli?

Will you fly high with the new giant dragonfly animal companion? what about using the Great Darner as a familiar? This PDF has a lot going on for you funky frog lovers!


  • 1 ancestry
  • 6 heritages
  • 19 feats (including a lvl 17 feat)
  • 1 new weapon (with a new trait)
  • 1 new creature ( a tiny animal at creature -1)
  • 1 new animal companion with suggestions for flying mounts

Shawn Pommier (@EldritchDream on Twitter)

Sheifoxy [Grippli Mystic] https://www.deviantart.com/sheifoxy/journal/Commissions-Info-3-837422631

Rookzer0 [Grippli Gunslinger] https://www.artstation.com/rookzer0

Special thanks

Frogshock for inspiration (@TheFrogShock on Twitter)

Apostol Apostolov for help finding formatting assets (game designer at Gameloft)

Thanks to our Patrons

Brian Bridges, Donald Buley, Eric S Patt, Robin Mimms, Tim Demeuse, UndeadFish


Check out more on our main page! https://eldritchdream.itch.io/

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