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nsfw version when

lol this one wont have one as the base art used was already SFW. Our NSFW products exist because the art used (kindly provided by Lluis) was NSFW.  RookZero's artstation does have 1 nsfw sketch of one of the creatures we used as Art for the Morshes however if you are interested.

Thank you for taking time to engage with us!

Two small  errors in an otherwise fantastic product!

 There is a layout error in the upper  right corner on page 6 as the text flows in under the border decorations.

Secondly there is a punctuation instead of a comma before ‘Spores’ in the sentence “When you are in an area that could potentially support the life and environment from which you were born, once per day you may spend one hour sowing seeds. Spores, or trimmings from yourself. “ on page 17

Thank you! I'll make sure these errors are fixed ASAP!

Thank you again, the new PDF is uploaded!